Willow Smith details mum Jada Pinkett Smith’s shocking racist encounters with metal fans

Willow Smith opened up on the horrific obstacles her mother Jada Pinkett Smith faced for being a Black artist making heavy music metal.

Giving her fans a rare glimpse into her life, the Meet Me At Our Spot singer, 21, revealed that her mother faced racism and received ‘death threats’ after she formed her band Wicked Wisdom in 2002.

In her latest interview with the Glamor UK, Willow shared the ‘crazy’ things Jada, 50, dealt with from inside the metal music world.

“Oh, my goodness. She was getting death threats. It was a crazy amount of stuff going on,” Willow recalled.

“I remember being like, ‘Yo! People are really upset about this, they’re mad that a Black woman wants to do metal and is in the space.”

Despite Jada’s horrifying experience with racist fans, Willow continued to follow her mother’s footsteps and pursue her own career as a rock artist.

The Wait A Minute singer has previously detailed her experience of facing ‘resistance’ from fans.“At least it’s not like how it was when my mum was touring and people were throwing broken glass and shouting racial slurs at her,” she told the media outlet

Willow’s latest album, COPINGMECHANISM, will be released on 23 October.

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