What to watch this weekend: ‘McEnroe’ premieres on Showtime


Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet (Animal Planet at 8) Dr. Jeff helps out an injured raccoon found in an illegal trap and a dog with a fever; the team tries to save a pit bull who was shot while defending her owner; Dr. Baier treats a guinea pig with a strange problem.

First Home Fix (HGTV at 10:01) Austin Coleman and Raisa Kuddus handle two renovations for couples with growing families; Juliet and Derek need to update their 1970s kitchen and living space, while Cassie and Glenn renovate their 1980s home.

National Book Festival (CSPAN2 at 9:30 a.m) Kickoff of the annual literary festival sponsored by the Library of Congress, featuring Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden.

The Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert (CBS at 10) This music event honors the life and music of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins.

Marry Me in Yosemite (Hallmark at 8) A photojournalist visits Yosemite and embarks on a journey with a daring tour guide.

911 Crisis Center (Oxygen at 9:30) Season 2.

The Boleyns: A Scandalous Family (PBS at 8) Anne’s growing beauty catches the eye of the king.

Tales of the Walking Dead (AMC at 9) A naturalist who studies walkers in the “dead sector” comes upon a spirited settler; the two forge an unlikely respect for each other as the settler works to get people to take back their land from the dead.

Colosseum (History at 9) By the 4th century, the Roman Empire is shaken by earthquakes, fires, invasions and religious divides; the decline of Rome causes the Colosseum to be abandoned; one devout worshiper of Rome’s old gods tries to reignite the games.

McEnroe (Showtime at 7) Dive into the life and career of John McEnroe, the original bad boy of tennis; interviews with McEnroe himself, Patty Smyth, Keith Richards, Billie Jean King and Bjorn Borg.

The Chi (Showtime at 9) Emmett offers Jada support; Kiesha and Tiff resolve their issues; the pressure in mounting on Douda; Trig must make a major decision.

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