Vulvar Cancer Symptoms: Signs of vulvar cancer that may be misdiagnosed as UTI or yeast infection

Vulvar melanoma is a type of vulvar cancer, which can start with a change in a mole that has been present for years.

The ACS discusses the ABCDE rule used to help tell a normal mole from one that could be melanoma.

Asymmetry: 1/2 of the mole does not match the other.

Border irregularity: The edges of the mole are ragged or notched.

Color: The color over the mole may not be the same, with differing shades of tan, brown, or black and sometimes patches of red, blue, or white.

Diameter: The mole is wider than 6 mm or about 1/4 inch.

Evolving: Change in size, shape, or color.

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