Tom Parker’s widow Kelsey appeals for better funding into brain tumour research

Tom Parker’s widow Kelsey has appealed for more funding into brain tumour research in the UK, saying many families are “clutching at straws” as they travel abroad for alternative treatments.

The grieving wife of The Wanted star during an appearance on Monday’s BBC Breakfast claimed many families across the country are ‘clinging to straws’ with alternative treatments, which they sometimes have to travel abroad for.

Tom died aged 33 on March 30 following a battle with brain cancer after he was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma in October 2020.

Kelsey explained how she and her husband had opted to visit a clinic in Spain for help, as they wanted to explore options other than chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

She said: ‘When we were in treatment I used to speak to people all the time. Everyone has to go abroad.

‘When you get diagnosed, because the standard of care hasn’t been changed in 30 years, you are clutching at straws and thinking, “What else can I do?”

‘You have to go abroad. You have to seek other options because the standard of care is just radio and chemo and that is it.

‘There needs to be more done in this country. How can it be the biggest killer and get 1% of funding? I just don’t understand it.’

Earlier this year, Kelsey revealed their daughter Aurelia, three, is ‘very confused’ by Tom’s death and believes he is on tour.

She admitted the then-two-year-old ‘doesn’t quite get that he’s not coming back, even after being ‘really blunt’ and telling her ‘he’s dead while speaking on Lorraine.

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