Tom Hanks reveals how he got the role in Splash

Tom Hanks reveals how he got the role in Splash

Tom Hanks revealed how he was cast for his 1984 movie Splash and said that a karate kick during his guest appearance on the sitcom Happy Days helped him land the part, according to Fox News.

Tom said, “I kicked Fonzie. And I think I’m legendarily the first guy to actually strike Fonzie. I kicked him through the stained-glass window of Al’s Drive-in. Ron Howard had already left the show, and he was directing, and they had written this movie called ‘Splash.’ And it was at Disney, and no one wanted to work for Disney, and no one would take the job.”

He further added, “And eventually they said, ‘Hey, this guy who kicked Fonzie through a plate-glass window might be good.’ And so I ended up auditioning for that.”

Splash starred Hannah, Eugene Levy and John Candy alongside Tom Hanks and turned out to be a huge success which helped in skyrocketing Tom’s career.

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