“Terrible Sandwich”, School Kid Criticising Mom-Made Lunch Makes Internet Laugh

Internet is one such space that always keeps us entertained with a variety of content. But what tops the list is the viral content! Be it the weird food combos or the funny and meme-worthy posts, we come across something or the other every single day. Likewise, we recently found a post on social media that instantly left us amused. It was about a kid’s reaction to his school lunchbox. Wondering what the comment was? Let us share the details with you. In a video, that has gone viral on various social media platforms, we could see a kid getting down from the school bus. When the mother greets him with a smile, he (with a disgust on his face) states. “Mommy terrible sandwich you made…very terrible”. The video has been shared by the Twitter handle @rahsh33m. “Lil man waited all day to tell his momma about her sandwich making skills,” the post reads. Take a look:

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Such a funny video; isn’t it? In no& time, the video went viral, garnering 11million views till now. People also reacted to the video with thousands of funny comments. Let’s find out some of the comments on the video.

“This kid is growing up different; because I would have got popped right in my mouth for saying something like that and sent to school the next without a lunch. Lol,” read a comment. Another person wrote, “He was waiting ALL DAY to tell her”. A third comment read, “My 3-year-old ate a whole plate of food, looked me in the eye and said “That was horrible. Just awful.” Then got up and walked away from the table. They’re ruthless.”

Here are few more interesting comments for you:

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What are your thoughts on this video? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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