SZA rejects ‘rumored’ feud with Taylor Swift, praises her album ‘Midnights’

SZA rejects ‘rumored’ feud with Taylor Swift, praises her album ‘Midnights’

SZA has rejected claims of her rumored feud with Taylor Swift as she praised the popular singer and her latest released album, Midnights.

The Kill Bil singer, 33, on Thursday, made it clear that she wasn’t feuding with pop superstar, 33, when they both competed for the top spot ahead of the next week of tracking from Billboard.

SZA, whose real name is Solána Imani Rowe, tweeted that there was no ‘beef’ between the two artists after their fans interpreted promotional social media posts as an attempt to ‘block’ each other from topping the charts again.

“1 minute left in the tracking” period for this week’s charts,” she wrote.

“thank you for STREAMING SOS And copping [digital versions],” wrote the 33-year-old performer. “Thank you CAMP for always DOING YOUR BIG ONE […] LOVE TO EVERYONE”

The tweet sparked concerns among fans as they accused the singer for outperforming Midnights.

SZA clarified the allegations and tweeted, “Uhh I feel silly that I even have to say this but i see supporters arguing and I hate that,” wrote the Grammy winner. “I don’t have beef w ANYONE especially not Taylor lmao”

She continued, “I genuinely loved her album and the writing!Everyone’s jus tryna do their BEST as we all should . LOVE TO EVERYONE. Gn”

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