Stray Kids Bang Chan wants to have a strong relationship with ENHYPEN’s Jake

Stray Kids Bang Chan shared that he loves ENHYPEN’s Jake and wants to build a strong relation with him

Stray Kids Bang Chan looks forward to building a strong relation with ENHYPEN’s Jake as he  shares the story of his first meeting with him.

Stray Kids’ member Bang Chan shared how his first meeting with ENHYPEN’s Jake was a wholesome experience and he thought of him as an angel.

As per Koreaboo, he also mentioned that he looked forward to making a stronger connection with him and wanted to look after him.

“He is definitely someone I will do my best to take care of. Because we are from the same continent,” said the K-Pop star.

He also shared how difficult it was for him to meet the ‘Fever’ singer through the congested crowd: “I sound like a father, but I will do my best to take care of our little Aussie friend”.

He ended his emotional comment by sharing how he would also love to include Felix: “I feel like he could use a friend or two, so Felix and I get along well and we’ll make friends with him.” 

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