Skincare Alert: Are Collagen Supplements Safe To Use? Read More Here

The latest entrant to the beauty industry is the advent of clear skin with minimum pores, an even complexion, and a naturally healthy glow. Skincare regimes are now minimal with more and more people attempting to cut back on the number of products they use–and instead–focus on ingredients that promote overall skin health. While several skincare enthusiasts rely on a healthy diet filled with anti-oxidant-rich foods, less oily and junk food, and a lot of water to keep the skin naturally hydrated. However, many also opt for supplements such as collagen, which are touted to improve skin health and lead to healthy and glowy skin.

There is a lot of debate surrounding collagen supplements for skin, hair, and nail health. A study titled Evaluation of the Efficacy of a Hydrolyzed Collagen Supplement for Improving Skin Moisturization, Smoothness, and Wrinkles, explained that while collagen is a protein naturally produced by the body, with time, the quantity decreases significantly. The study added,” Collagen synthesis changes as we age.” It went on to explain that younger skin comprises 80-percent Type I collagen and about 15 percent Type III collagen. The study concluded that with age, collagen fibres become thicker and shorter, and consequently, Type I collagen is lost.

The same study also mentioned that with increasing age, the skin also loses hydration in the form of hyaluronic acid. It leads to the appearance of skin aging, reduced elasticity, and skin tone, and gives way to the increased appearance of “wrinkles, sagging eyelids, and bags under the eyes.” As such, is it safe to consume collagen supplements? Will it help you achieve healthier skin?

The study categorically showed that collagen supplements led to improvements in ‘skin moisturization, skin elasticity and wrinkle depth’, which were measured in the participants. All of them took the hydrolyzed collagen for 28 days and were then tested for results. It also mentioned that taking collagen supplements is relatively safer than others as it can have a positive effect on skin health.

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