Princess Diana saved Archie from nursery fire, her spirit is ‘protecting’ him

Princess Diana sent an ‘intuitive nudge’ to Archie Harrison’s caretaker to save grandson from fire.

Psychic medium Jasmine Rose Anderson claims that the Princess of Wales came to the rescue of her grandson in 2019, when fire broke in his South Africa nursery.

Jasmine told Daily Star: “She knew before it happened. She was there watching over Archie which is why the nanny took him downstairs.

“She received an intuitive nudge from Diana – although it may have popped into her head like an idea to take him with her out the room.

“She’s always around her grandchild protecting them.”

Meghan opened up about her son’s nursery catching on her podcast Archetypes. The Duchess revealed she was on tour to South Africa in 2019 with husband Harry when the incident happened.

“We finish the engagement, we get in the car and they say there’s been a fire at the residence. What? There’s been a fire in the baby’s room?” revealed Meghan.

The Duchess added: “Everyone’s in tears, everyone is shaken, and what did we have to do? Go out and do another official engagement. I said this doesn’t make any sense.”

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