Prince Harry ‘wanted to be King’

Prince Harry ‘wanted to be King’

Duke of Sussex Prince Harry ‘wanted to be King’, royal expert Kinsey Schofield has disclosed.

Kinsey Schofield revealed this to Sky News after Prince Harry said he and Prince William had always had a competitive relationship.

The royal expert said, “I believe that Harry and Meghan are bitterly jealous of the Prince and Princess of Wales.”

She went on to say that the then-young Prince Harry had told several people, including his mother Princess Diana that he “wanted to be King.”

Prince Harry refers to William, the future king, as his “beloved brother and arch-nemesis”.

“There has always been this competition between us, weirdly,” he explained in an interview with the US television show “Good Morning America” set to air next Monday.

“I think it really plays into, or is played by, the ´heir/spare´ (issue),” he added, referring to his traditionally diminished royal role compared to William, who is first in line to the throne.

He also says in his book that he was physically attacked by his older brother Prince William during an argument over his wife Meghan.

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