Prince Harry talks about ‘complete disaster’ hair idea from his mates

Prince Harry talks about ‘complete disaster’ hair idea from his mates

Prince Harry opens up about getting rid of all his hair during his early teens.

The Duke of Sussex writes in memoir ‘Spare’ about the incident where he cheekily decided to shave off his head.

Prince Harry writes in his memoir: “Near the end of my first half we hit on something supremely stupid. Someone suggested that my hair was a complete disaster. Like grass on the moors.”

He adds: “Well…what can be done? Let me have a go at it. You? Yeah. Let me shave it off. Hm. That didn’t sound right. But I wanted to go along. I wanted to be a top bloke. A funny bloke. All right.”

The Duke continues: “Someone fetched the clippers. Someone pushed me into a chair. How quickly, how blithely, after a lifetime of healthy growth, it all went cascading off my head. When the cutter was done I looked down, saw a dozen pyramids of ginger on the floor, like red volcanoes seen from a plane, and knew I’d made a legendary mistake. I ran to the mirror. Suspicion confirmed. I screamed in horror. My mates screamed too. With laughter. I ran in circles. I wanted to reverse time. I

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