Prince Harry memoir Spare is a ‘cruel gibe’ at Prince William?

Prince Harry’s memoir Spare is a ‘cruel gibe’ at Prince William?

Duke of Sussex Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir title Spare is apparently a personal dig at his elder brother Prince William.

Royal expert Neil Sean believes Harry’s memoir title is a personal dig at Prince William and it will harm potential reconciliation with the royal family.

The Cheat Sheet quoted Sean as saying, “It’s a rather cruel gibe against his once close brother, of course, his royal highness the Prince of Wales. Just the title Spare, this really is a personal dig against Prince William because, according to a very good source, this was the jokey title that he was given by his late mother, Princess Diana. Perhaps not a wise move now when you think about it, all these years on.”

The royal expert went on to say Prince Harry opted for a title that was “hard-hitting, controversial, and more importantly, headline-grabbing.”

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