Perspective | What to watch with family — or use to ignore them — this Thanksgiving

If you need a reminder that the company at your Thanksgiving table could be worse, look no further than Mike White’s dramedy about wealthy vacationers who find that getaways can be more harrowing (and murderous) than life at home. The second season, which premiered last month, follows several couples to the White Lotus resort in Sicily. Aubrey Plaza, Will Sharpe, Meghann Fahy and Theo James lead the second installment, along with Jennifer Coolidge, who returns as the well-heeled space cadet Tanya McQuoid (now Tanya McQuoid-Hunt). In a recent review, The Washington Post’s Travis Andrews wrote that despite some meandering, “Season 2 is more tightly plotted and there are enough new ideas, with even the most staid insights heightened by White’s razor-sharp writing, for it to feel fresh.” (Streams on HBO and HBO Max)

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