Pakistani, Indian expat win AED 77,777 each in Emirates Draw

Emirates Draw’s hosts announce names of the latest winners during a ceremony in Dubai. Gulf Today

The 48th episode of Emirates Draw was followed by many happy faces with over 300 participants winning a collective amount of Dhs616,441, reported Gulf Today.

Winners included Pakistani and Indian ex-pats like Sajid Noushad from India and Muhammad Kamran from Pakistan. They both won Dhs77,777 each.

Noushad, who is a business owner from India was excited because he was not expecting to win in just his second attempt. He said he could not believe it.

With all this money, Noushad wants to clear his debt and support his employees. 

Kamran too was ecstatic while describing his winning moment when the results were shared last Sunday.

He said he too could not believe his eyes. “No way, is that my name?” he described himself as saying.

He fondly remembered the moment saying he thanked God for the blessings. He said he had began participating in the Emirate Draw with his uncle only four months ago. 

Kamran plans to support his family back home and share a portion with his uncle. He added that he would donate some amount for the flood-affected Paksitanis.

The draw came into being 11 months ago and the organisation has distributed Dhs35 million so far. Over 25,000 participants have benefitted from the money.

One of the categories of the Draw, the Dhs7 prize category, allows 10% of the participants to win money instantly by matching the first number from the right.

If someone is lucky enough to match all the numbers, they can win Dhs100 Million Grand Prize, the largest in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

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