Nicola Peltz keen to have children with husband Brooklyn Beckham

Nicola Peltz would love to start a family with her husband Brooklyn Beckham as she plans to have up to eight children together.

The aspiring chef, 23, and the actress, 27, married in April last year at a lavish wedding in Palm Beach Florida, but they began dating two years prior.

Speaking to The Sunday Times magazine, Style, Nicola revealed Brooklyn is keen to have children straight away and want ‘a big family’ as they both come from large broods.

Nicola has a whopping seven siblings, with six brothers, Brad, Will, Matthew, Diesel, Zachary, and Gregory and a sister named Brittany.

While Brooklyn is the eldest of four children: Romeo, 19, Cruz, 17, and Harper Seven, 11.

She said: ‘He wants kids yesterday. I think in a couple of years. We definitely want a big family. He has three siblings, I have seven.’

When asked if she would have eight children, Nicola said: ‘It’s a lot but… I don’t know.’

She added: ‘We want to adopt some kids, have some of our own. That would be the dream.’

Meanwhile, Brooklyn has previously revealed he wants to have no less than 10 children with Nicola.

The budding chef, 23, claimed it’s been his ‘dream’ to become a young dad and is hoping to start a family ‘soon’ with the heiress.

He told Entertainment Tonight: ‘I’ve always wanted to be a young dad and I would love to have a family soon, but whenever my wife is ready.

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