Mandela’s grandson avoids being played into the hands of UK media by praising Meghan’s husband Harry

Nelson Mandela’s grandson avoided criticizing Meghan Markle despite being provoked by a British TV presenter.

The Duchess of Sussex is receiving backlash for comparing her wedding to Mandela being freed from prison.

Mandla Mandela appeared on GB News and praised Prince Harry for his humanitarian work.

Speaking to the channel, he said ‘When Harry comes to South Africa, we are always available to embrace him and assist in upholding his mother’s legacy.’

He did not utter a single word against the Duchess of Sussex when show host Dan Wootton asked Nelson in a GB News world exclusive if he would be prepared to speak to Meghan Markle.

His reluctance to criticize Meghan and Harry didn’t go down well with royal biographer Angela Levin.

Commenting on his interview she said, “Does Mandela’s grandson know that Harry and Meghan are no longer working royals? He praises the Queen and Prince Charles but does he not know Harry and Meghan’s behaviour towards them?”

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