Kourtney Kardashian admits she and Khloé ‘aren’t as close anymore’

Kourtney Kardashian admits she and Khloé ‘aren’t as close anymore’

Kourtney Kardashian got candid about her bond with sister Khloé on Amanda Hirsch’s Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast on October 4th.

Fans of the Kardashians’ reality TV series know that Kourtney shared a close bond with sister Khloé.

“I think some of us more than others feel the need to distance sometimes or just do our own thing, have our own thing,” Kourtney elaborated. “I love to keep my little bubble and as they say, ‘Protect your energy.’ And I just like to be in my own little world and enter it when I choose and then slip back in.”

The 43-year-old, mom of three further added that her sisters Kim and Khloé got closer a few years ago because they were both welcoming children around the same time.

“I just felt like they really bonded. They were going through the same things,” she said. On top of that, Kourtney was struggling with filming their reality show at the same time.

“That’s when I was unhappy with the show, partially ’cause of (Khloé and Kim) kind of ganging up (on me). I felt like it was almost everything that Khloé and I had done to Kim, and then they were like kind of flipping it on me,” she said.

“I love it now, but it’s hard and I felt just really sensitive. I was used to being such a bi— for so many years without any care. No one could shake me. No one could rattle me, nobody could say something mean to me ’cause I would say something 20 times meaner back,” she said.

In one episode of the family’s reality show, Kourtney scratches Kim during a fight, and the 43-year-old opened up about the anger she was feeling during that “intense time.” “To be pushed to the point of — not that anyone pushed me — but it was the daily stuff to where I had the rage inside to scratch my sister or whatever happened in the fight,” added Kourtney.

However, Kourtney and Khloé are in a better place these days and the reality star said they will always be close in some way. “I feel like Khloé and I are good. I spoke to her the whole time she was in Milan; we were FaceTiming. We FaceTimed on the way to school this morning, I saw her this morning at school. You know, we’re good,” she said. “I think just life isn’t the same. I think I’m in a different place.”

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