King Charles III stirs taste buds of fans with inside view of Buckingham Palace kitchens

King Charles III, who hosted the first formal state banquet of his reign on Tuesday, delighted fans with unprecedented glimpse inside Buckingham Palace kitchens.

The royal family’s official Instagram account gave followers an opportunity to glimpse behind-the-scenes at palace staff’s preparation ahead of the state banquet held in the South African President Cyril Ramaphosa’s honour at the Palace.

In the delightful video, the royal chefs are seen crafting stunning pink flowers from moldable sugar, before hand painting them with edible glitter and displaying them in an ornate gold dish.

The post read: “The national flowers of South Africa, Protea, have been recreated out of sugar and painted with edible colouring, which will be presented alongside petit fours and coffee.”

Viewers were also given an insight into the endless preparation of vegetables that occurs ahead of a state banquet, with chefs washing, peeling and chopping an array of seasonal produce.

The royal family’s social media account is normally strictly reserved for official photography from royal outings or statements from the royal family, but the unusual video left fans awestruck.

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