Kanye West spews ‘anti-Semitic tropes’ amid booted out of Instagram

Kanye West spews ‘anti-Semitic tropes’ amid being booted out of Instagram

Kanye West, now Ye, is going full-on antisemitism on Parler after being suspended from Instagram again, as per Rolling Stone.

The 45-year-old was booted out of Instagram for sharing the screenshot of a conversation with Russel Simmons, the hip-hop guru. 

In which Simmons asked Ye to consider coming abroad to rebuild his empire, West responded, “I’m staying in America. I gotta get the Jewish business people to make the contracts fair. Or die trying.”

The Grammy Winner took to the Parler and captioned it, “Got kicked off Instagram for 30 days for telling Russell Simmons that I was going to make ‘you know who’ have better contracts and business practices. Jesus is king.”

Later, Ye turned his guns against his ex-custody lawyer, Robert Cohen. The millionaire rapper seemingly accuses Cohen of making a racist comment amid their first meeting.

West said he asked Cohen why there was a Black woman present at the meeting and claimed, “[Cohen] replied, Chris Rock told me I needed to hire someone black. He didn’t say She was a great lawyer. He simply said I hired her cause she was black.”

Ye then claimed that, at their “last and final meeting,” the lawyer told him that he would lose custody of his children if he constantly made antisemitic comments.

“So let me get this straight. If I complain about Jewish business practices, it’s considered anti-Semitic. So my custody lawyer was basically telling me If you complain about getting done wrong in business, You will loose custody of your children. And this was the guy on my side.”

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