Kanye West former lawyers resort to newspapers to serve him

Kanye West former lawyers resort to newspapers to serve him

Kanye West is still elusive from former attorneys, despite weeks passed to serve him the court documents of dropping him as a client.

However, as per AllHipHop, the Greenberg Traurig Law Firm has come up with a new way to access the reportedly newly-wed rapper.

The firm called the approach “multi-pronged”, where they put ads in more than one Los Angeles newspaper to remove Donda hitmaker from their client list.

“Publication of the Withdrawal Order’s contents in two Los Angeles-area newspapers, where Ye appears to reside, will also apprise him of the Withdrawal Order,” the docs read.

“Given Ye’s public status, publication of the Withdrawal Order will likely garner significant media attention, resulting in broader publication and provide an even greater likelihood of apprising Ye of the Order.”

Greenberg Traurig represented the Grammy winner in the case against Ultra International Music Publishing. However, the New York City-based law firm decided to serve the 45-year-old after dropping him as a client due to the latter antisemitism backlash.

However, the former attorneys of West were required to serve him before dropping him. Judge Analisa Torres granted the law firm’s motion to withdraw as West’s counsel on November 30, 2022.

The judge also ordered the firm to personally serve the father-of-four with a court order by December 14, 2022. But the firm still needs help locating the rapper.

Meanwhile, Ye also allegedly evaded his former business manager. As Thomas St. John claimed, he couldn’t locate West, which set the rumours about West’s whereabouts. 

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