How Satvik Movement is bringing natural change in people’s lifestyle

Are we connected to nature? In any ways? We keep our lives inside the buildings made of concrete. We handly care about nature, and hence, we are bereft of its benefits. As a consequence, there are killer diseases like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, and PCOS/PCOD (only in women), steadily tightening their grip on the human populace. It sounds like a grave lifelong punishment and suffering, but patients committed to a change in mindset report respite and even going disease-free by following a satvic lifestyle and food habits.

Satvic Movement, a holistic health education platform, is a frontrunner in helping and guiding people in reducing their suffering through satvic measures and lifestyle changes. Starting in August 2017 as a holistic health movement, the platform has transformed the lives of millions by spreading awareness and educating people about the lasting benefits of a satvic mindset.

“Satvic lifestyle is a gift from our ancestors and gurus. It teaches us to live a simple and disease-free life. It includes natural and healthy food, following nature cure, having a healthy schedule just like our great grandfathers had,” says Subah Saraf, cofounder of Satvic Movement.

The vision is to guide people looking to develop satvic sensibilities and motivate others to reconnect with nature. It connects with the community through regular in-person interactions and workshops and an active social media presence through prominent social platforms. Currently, it has about 4.12 million subscribers on Youtube, 452k followers on Instagram, and 70k followers on Facebook.

Satvic Movement was not a planned idea or initiative. Both its founders have battled their chronic health conditions, which they cured through satvic ways. Their own healing journeys had such a significant influence on them that they decided to dedicate their lives to sharing this timeless health wisdom with the world. Over time, the platform has evolved into an education platform based on three pillars – holistic lifestyle, natural diet, and daily yoga. “We are building an ecosystem, a parallel satvic universe. It is a ‘Movement’ because it is an initiative for the community. We aim to create a large community of passionate individuals who have embraced the ‘Satvic’ and co-create a satvic world”, says Harshvardhan.

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