How Meghan Markle left Briton school boy smitten with a hug: Read

How Meghan Markle left Briton school boy smitten with a hug: Read

Meghan Markle left royal admirers awestruck during her International Women’s Day appearance.

The mother-of-two attended a ceremony at Robert Clack Upper School in Dagenham back in 2020 where she impressed the school’s head boy, Aker Okoye, with her demeanour.

“She really is beautiful, innit?” he told one of friends on stage before receiving a hug from the Duchess.

Aker, who has now passed A Level with a exceptional result, was praised by his school over the achievement.

His school tweeted: “Aker achieved A*A*A* and he is off to Jesus College, Cambridge University to study Education. Well done Aker.”

Responding to the tweet, internet was quick to recall the famous incident with the Duchess of Sussex.

“King Aker! Well done young un, Princess Meghan will be proud!”

“Love this story – the boy who met Meghan Markle and hit the headlines when he said she was beautiful is off to Cambridge.

“In fact all those kids on that school Twitter account are making me feel a bit teary.”

“I remembered you impressing #PrincessMeghan on Woman’s Day!” added another.

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