‘Grateful for…’ Nagaland MLA shares picture of food served on Rajdhani train

Nagaland Minister Temjem Imna Along has shared a photo of the food shared on Rajdhani Express, now, the photo of his tweet is going viral on the internet. The higher education and tribal affair minister shared a photo of a meal with chicken curry, dal, rice, chapatti, omelet, and curd served on a train, The Minister appreciated the food served as dinner and meanwhile also tagged Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw on his post. It is to be noted that he is the same minister who went viral on the internet for his humorous speech.

He captioned the post saying, “Life is a journey, enjoy the trip; Food is life, never skip your meal! Grateful for the wonderfully served dinner at #RajdhaniExpress, while heading to Dimapur from Guwahati.” The tweet uploaded on August 31 has already gotten more than 2,700 likes on the internet, and the netizens are appreciating the quality of the food served on the train.

One of the users commented on the post, saying, “It seems you are travelling in 1AC, that’s why the food looks & tastes better. I recently travelled by Bhopal Shatabdi and the breakfast, lunch they served was horrible. IRCTC have to look into it. Earlier their quality was much better. Hope they will improve it soon.”

Moreover, Railway Seva replied to his post, saying, “Sir, thank you for sparing your valuable time in writing to us. However, your feedback will boost our team energy to work with more enthusiasm.” To which Along replied saying, “RailwaySeva many are commenting they didn’t get same food. Kindly reply them. For me service was very good.”

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