Govt jacks up petrol levy by Rs17.50 per litre: sources

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ISLAMABAD: The federal government has revised the petrol price for the next fortnight starting from September 1, increasing the petroleum levy (PL) by Rs17.50 per litre, said well-placed sources Thursday.

Sources within the Petroleum Division said that the petroleum levy on petrol has been raised by Rs17.50 to 37.50 per litre from September 1. Earlier the petroleum levy on petrol was fixed at Rs20 per liter.

Meanwhile, the petroleum levy on diesel has been slashed by Rs2.50 to 7.50 per litre.

However, there is zero GST on petrol and diesel.

A day earlier, the government hiked the price of petrol by Rs2.07 per litre, high-speed diesel Rs2.99 per litre, kerosene oil Rs10.92 per litre and light diesel oil by Rs9.79 per litre, despite the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority’s (OGRA) proposal for a reduction.

Latest petrol price: Govt jacks up levy by Rs17.50 per litre, say sources

Following the fresh hike, the rate of petrol has gone up from Rs233.91 to Rs235.98 per litre; high-speed diesel from Rs244.44 to Rs247.43 per litre; kerosene oil from Rs199.40 to Rs210.32 per litre and light diesel oil from Rs191.75 to Rs201.54 per litre.

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