Galvanic Facial: How It Works And Benefits Your Skin

Skincare is a huge part of a self-care routine. Facials are popular among social media users. While there are different types of facials out there, we are going to shed some light on galvanic facials today.

Galvanic Iontophoresis therapy is the introduction of soluble salt ions into tissues with the help of an electric current. It increases the penetrations of drugs into the surface tissues. This enables skincare products to work on your skin. In addition to increasing the penetration of the skin, the process lights up your skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

The galvanic handpiece is used to direct a current of ions directly into the skin. Positive and negative ions then start acting as micromagnets that push the skin products deeper into the skin. The process takes 15 mins to 1 hour, but the effectiveness is so good that people are now turning to the process in large numbers. The process also tightens the skin and tones it.

There are innumerable benefits of galvanic facial:

Eliminates fine lines: It prevents the increase in fine lines and makes the skin look fresher.

Heals acne scars: Acne scars are very common and a galvanic facial is a great way to get rid of them.

Reduces puffiness of the eyebags and dark circles: Dark circles and puffy eyebags are an indicator of fatigue and lethargy. A galvanic facial can help remove them.

Tightens loose skin: The facial can also act as a de-ageing agent and tighten loose skin.

Reduces and eliminates wrinkles: It also eliminates wrinkles and adds a bounce to the skin.

Even the skin tone: Dark spots make skin tone uneven. A galvanic facial can help reduce that unevenness.

Reduces superficial scars: Injury scars are a common occurrence for people and galvanic facials can help eliminate them.

Buff and tone up the skin

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