Farhan Akhtar opens up about ‘not being comfortable with public speaking’

Farhan Akhtar reveals that he has come a long way with his public addresses 

Farhan Akhtar always look like a natural public speaker when he comes on stage, and no one has ever doubted his speaking skills. However, Rock On actor has revealed that he struggled with it and he has come a long way.

He said, “I was not comfortable speaking on stage. If I am going down and doing music, I know what I am supposed to do so it’s easy for me. If I have a conversation with you, it’s still easy because we are engaged in that. But if somebody says ‘go on stage and speak to the crowd for 25 minutes’, there’s a part of me that always wonders ‘why are they interested in what I have to say? What am I going to do, give a PPT presentation?’ That stuff unnerves me.”

He further added, “I come prepared for that. When you play a character, you lose inhibitions because the character allows you that. It’s a strange psychological thing which happens. It’s easier when I am a character. If something makes you nervous, you should do it more so you can ease it out.”

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