Fans commend Selena Gomez for not ‘crying’ in the kitchen with Gordon Ramsey

Selena Gomez has shown that she can seriously perform under pressure, even when faced with Gordon Ramsey’s wrath.

In a viral clip shared on social media, the Only Murders in the Building star was joined by quick-tempered chef Gordon Ramsey for an episode of Selena + Chef. The show routinely features guest chefs who drop by virtually to teach Gomez the basics of cooking in her Malibu beach home.

In the newest episode of the HBO Max series, the Kitchen Nightmares host gave Gomez her first in-person lesson. The preview clip shows Ramsey and Gomez attempting to make ribeye steaks, but the chef begins to show his notorious hot temper when things go awry.

When Ramsey tells Gomez it’s time to get the meat on the pan, he sayd: “Let’s go, you’re late, please.”

When Gomez runs over to the stove, she is confused by which of the four pans to use. “Furthest pan away means the furthest one away,” instructs an irritated Ramsey. But when Gomez lays her uncooked steak on the back left burner, Ramsey tells her that she used the wrong pan.

“Wong f***ing pan, that’s my nonstick pan for my potatoes!” he informs her. “Furthest pan away!”

A now-frantic Gomez replies: “What does that mean!”

When she finally lays the first ribeye on the correct pan, Ramsey tells her to go for the second steak. “Next one in,” he says, but Gomez just runs around in circles. A frustrated Ramsey runs out of the kitchen and jokingly shouts out the window, “Next one in! Next one in, please! For f**k sake, somebody help me!”

While the chef’s outburst was all in good fun, fans applauded Gomez for not cracking under pressure, given Ramsey’s tendency to call some of his sous chefs an idiot sandwich.

Over on Twitter, one fan re-posted the clip from the episode and received 1.6m views. “selena gomez and gordon ramsay i’m in tears,” they captioned the tweet.

“selena is me when someone is giving me instructions,” replied one user.

“You could be making the simplest meal with this man and you’d still feel anxiety,” said someone else.

Meanwhile, on TikTok, many viewers said that they would simply burst out in tears if they were in Gomez’s position. “I would just start crying,” commented one person, while another user agreed: “i would be sobbing by that point”

“he had me panicking and I’m not even there,” a third TikToker said.

Other than Ramsey, some of the other celebrity chefs to appear on this season of Gomez’s show include Rachael Ray, Ludo Lefebvre, Kristen Kish, Devonn Francis, and Priya Krishna. For each episode, the show donates $10,000 to the charity of the chef’s choosing.

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