De’Lan Cafe Brings Together Indian And European Cuisine With Its Exciting Fusion Menu

Weekends are for eating out and spending time with our loved ones, wouldn’t you agree?! Before the next weekend, we are all set with the new place we want to try out; be it with our family or friends! Noida seems to be the upcoming hub in the culinary scene, with new cafes and restaurants opening every month. If you are in Delhi NCR and are confused as to which place to visit, then De’Lan Café may be an exciting choice for you.

Situated in Noida’s sector 104 market, De Lan Café considers itself to be a pioneer by bringing together European cuisine and Indian cuisine. This latest addition to Noida’s list of exciting restaurants and cafes calls itself a “Contemporary European and Progressive Indian cuisine-inspired café”. With modern and colourful interiors, the cafe offers chic and vibrant energy.

Lamb Boti Pepper Fry

The most important part of any café is the food and De’Lan takes pride in its unique and fusion creations, inspired by Indian and European delicacies. On our visit to the café, we had the pleasure of trying out Lamb Boti Pepper Fry, Asparagus Malai Kofta, Thyme Cottage Cheese and Turkish Baloon Bread. For drinks, we enjoyed a Blackforest Spritzer and a Banana Biscoff smoothie.


Thyme Cottage Cheese


Turkish Baloon Bread

The Lamb Boti Pepper Fry is a spicy mutton curry that is served with lachha paratha, mutton lovers will enjoy this dish! The Asparagus Malai Kofta is the Europeanized version of the classic desi malai kofta, but creamier. The Thyme Cottage Cheese offers a flavourful steak of paneer served with a tangy and peppery sauce. The Turkish Baloon Bread is exactly as its name; soft and fluffy Turkish roti that is shaped like a balloon.

The café does a great job at creating a balance between European flavours and Indian spices in their fusion dishes. The Indo-European café’s enigmatic ambience complements the exciting and diverse menu. If you are looking for a classy café to eat out in Noida, then we definitely suggest you check our De’Lan Café.

Where: De’Lan Café, 3rd Floor, Opp Pathways School, sector 104, Noida

Price: INR 1800 + taxes (for two)

When: 8 am – 11 pm

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