‘Defiant’ Meghan Markle ‘protecting’ Prince Harry from Royal Family

‘Defiant’ Meghan Markle ‘protecting’ Prince Harry from Royal Family

Meghan Markle has reportedly started work on leading her allegedly ‘dour’ husband Prince Harry like the CEO of Archewell.

This observation has been made by royal reporter and author Martin Robinson, in a piece for the Daily Mail.

He started off by saying, “Body language guru Judi James says Meghan looks like a CEO in one of the images while Harry looks ‘dour’ and adopts a pose ‘you might see on Dancing on Ice as someone leads their partner out’.”

“While royal experts predict the portraits are bad news for the Windsors, predicting the Sussexes wanted to show ‘they are not going to let go of their attempts to be seen as an alternative royal family’.”

“The first image shows Meghan in a red blouse and matching trousers with a chunky gold ring and earrings. The duchess stands face on, looking into the camera and holding one of Harry’s fingers. The duke stands behind her at an angle, smiling in a smart black suit and tie.”

“The stance is reminiscent of the couple’s 2021 Time magazine photo shoot, in which Meghan stood in the centre and Harry stood at an angle behind her with a hand resting on her shoulder.”

“In the second image, taken ‘just moments’ before the opening ceremony of the summit, the couple are standing next to one each other, side-on to the camera, holding hands and looking out at the audience.”

“Body language expert Judi James told MailOnline that the new portraits aim to show the Sussexes as a ‘power couple’ and ‘defiant’ on their return to the UK.”

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