David Beckham talks parental sacrifices in latest interview

David Beckham opened up about his parent’s sacrifice made for him to fulfill his football dreams in his latest interview.

The former legendary footballer 47, began his journey to sporting stardom by playing in a grassroots team in East London, coached by his dad.

He says it’s only now he has become a parent himself that he realises how much his mum and dad, Ted and Sandra, gave up for him.

Speaking on his Disney+ documentary Save Our Squad, David said: ‘My dad was my inspiration, I wanted to win for him.

‘I wanted to play well for him and my mum as well, of course. My mum was the one that was driving me to training, to games, when my dad was working.’

‘I, as a parent now, realise how much my parents gave up for me’.

He has four children with wife Victoria, sons Brooklyn, 23, Romeo, 20, and Cruz, 17, and 11-year-old daughter Harper.

The documentary sees David return to east London pitches where he played as a child and mentor the Westward Boys as they struggle to survive in the Echo League, where David started his own footballing career.

It comes after David told the team that his peers never wanted him on their team when he was younger because he was the ‘skinniest’ player as he gave them inspiring advice.

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