Can stress and anxiety be induced by your mattress? Importance of a good sleeping mattress

Importance of good sleep: Our bed is a crucial element in supporting sleep. The mattress we sleep on can either make or break our sleep cycle. Lack of sleep after a long day at the office might leave one irritable and tired the next day. Lack of sleep is one of the biggest causes of anxiety and stress in people.

A bad mattress might prevent you from establishing a restful sleep cycle because it can cause your body to sag over time, retain too much heat, and provide insufficient support. It might eventually result in emotional and mental health issues. Allergies and dust mites may thrive in a mattress if the materials aren’t suitable for long-term use.

Archit Gupta, Managing Director of King Koil India spoke to IANS about the importance a good mattress can make to our sleep and the amount anxiety a bad mattress may cause.

How to select a mattress?

The best mattress selection should be made with extreme care and be thought of as a long-term investment for your health and well‐being. Even if there are many options available, your main priority should be choosing reliable, high-quality, and clever technology that is designed to help you relax and offer a scientifically proven elevated sleep experience. Your body’s cortisol levels increase as a result of the back pain and aggravation that come with sleeping on an old mattress.


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While a mattress made of low-density polyfoam could be a perfectly pleasant alternative for occasional usage, your daily bed should be constructed of stronger materials that can withstand repeated use. One of the easiest methods to encourage peaceful sleep and enhance your general health is to invest in a high-quality mattress.

How your sleeping mattress affects your body?

One of the items that is commonly overlooked while figuring out what is making you snore is the mattress. If your mattress is not properly supporting your body, it may be putting strain on your airways or depressing your tissues, which results in snoring. If the mattress is old, snoring could be encouraged. Mattresses mould to your body, making it easier for your airways to become obstructed. Despite the fact that snoring is so common, few individuals are actually aware of the dangers which can even be fatal.

If your mattress doesn’t provide enough support or pressure relief, it could lead to pain the next day. This is absolutely essential for those who have chronic pain.


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Why the texture of your mattress matters?

The design and materials used in a mattress have a significant impact on how effectively it performs. Mattresses made with more coils, natural latex, thicker coils, and/or denser foams are better able to sustain the weight of the sleeper and eventually return to their former shape. On the other side, inferior-quality coils and foams may deteriorate more quickly. The durability of the mattress is also influenced by the amount of pressure it can withstand.

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