BTS RM, ENHYPEN en route to Japan for upcoming reality show

BTS RM and ENHYPEN en route to Japan for upcoming survival show The idol 

RM of BTS and ENHYPEN are headed to Japan together for an upcoming reality show.

On September 3, the 29-years-old BTS idol along with seven members of boy group ENHYPEN departed for Japan from the Gimpo Airport.

As reported by HYBE LABELS JAPAN, both of them will be attending &AUDITION – The Howling – FINAL ROUND, the idol survival program run by the company to debut their next boy band.

RM will be there as the representative of the group while members of ENHYPEN will return to cheer the trainees of boy band, who will debut as a new boy group later in the day.

The reality show will be aired at 4PM JST broadcasting live from Tokyo on September 3, 2022.

Previously, BTS had appeared on the program with a video message and a BTS challenge for the trainees of the show. 

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