Benefits of Makeup Removal Towels

Last Updated: January 15, 2023, 12:38 IST

The best way to remove makeup if you have oily skin is to use a makeup towel

Thanks to innovation, you have a convenient makeup accessory that offers multiple benefits and comfort

The world of cosmetics is no longer about use-and-throw. Reusability, durability, and sustainability are the new narrative for the makeup industry. The correct steps to remove makeup are as important as applying it.  Most of us prefer using makeup pads to remove layers and layers of makeup. However, reusable makeup remover towel is the way forward.

“The longevity of the reusable makeup towel increases significantly with its composition of organic cotton, bamboo, cellulose, or microfiber, made from naturally occurring materials, thus saving the non-organic industry process of mass-producing cotton pads and tissues,” says Saragam Dhawan Bhayana, Director, Makeup Eraser India.

In addition to being sustainable, these towels are highly biodegradable. The ultimate disposal, therefore, isn’t worrisome anymore. Saragam Dhawan Bhayana – Director Makeup Eraser India, shares benefits of using these towels:

  1. Free an extra exfoliation step to get rid of grime, oil, and dead skin cells. Exfoliation is essential for maintaining healthy, bright skin regardless of the makeup removal method you use. Fortunately, makeup remover towels gently exfoliate your skin as part of your skincare routine, sparing you the extra step you’d otherwise have to take.

  1. The grip and friction of the makeup remover towel are only the beginning of the cleaning procedure. The makeup and any lingering oil or dirt can be more effectively absorbed by makeup remover cloths thanks to their fibers. The cloth clings onto it thoroughly to remove it rather than spreading it around, thus exposing a clean, fresh and bright facial skin.
  1. It is quite gentle and soothing on the skin while cleaning, especially for plump skin. We’ve all seen smudge-free liner or mascara that is difficult to remove with a single wipe. These towel wipes are safe to use around the eyes and don’t put too much pressure on the lids thanks to their delicate, innocuous surface.

The preference for towels owing to their durability and as a pocket-friendly and portable essential item is growing. The reusable towel remover lasts up to 100 washes without losing its smoothness. There has been a focused push toward sustainability and clean beauty and hygiene techniques all over the world, and this product contributes significantly the movement.

These towels are safe and chemical-free and aid you in avoiding the use of makeup removers made of harmful chemicals.

It saves the hassle of buying cotton pads over and over, saving you a few extra bucks. Thanks to innovation, you have a convenient makeup accessory that offers multiple benefits and comfort.

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