Babil Khan remembers father Irrfan Khan on his birthday, says ‘I will never be him’

Babil Khan talks about how he wants to sustain his individuality as an artist 

Babil Khan made his debut in Bollywood through Qala. He previously spoke about how he has been bullied for promoting nepotism and recently, on his father Irrfan Khan’s birthday, he spoke about how he is never going to be like his father.

Discussing his father’s legacy, he said, “Baba’s legacy is not about acting, fame, stardom or anything as limited as this, it is about the essence of being human and the depth of that exploration. Baba’s legacy is not limited to me or his bloodline.”

He further added, “If your soul was moved by him in some way then the legacy lies in your arms too, we are all one big family and any person willing to work on the evolution of their consciousness is working towards the same goal as baba. The legacy lies with us all, let’s not limit it with a single person.”

He also said, “I rejoice with how fondly he is remembered and the love with which his life is celebrated rather than allow my ego to burden me with worries of that which is impossible; I will never be him, or try to be because I am me and it would be a waste of a life to try to be someone else. The whole point is to stay true to yourself against the adversities, your individuality is a gift.”

In his recent interview with Hindustan Times, he vividly remembered his father and also emphasized on how he wants to be remembered for his individuality just like his father. 

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