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Moong is one of the most common and frequently used dal in Indian households and holds a lot of nutrition with a delicious taste. There are three types of moong dal – yellow, split green moong, and whole green moong dal. It is one of the most easily cooked dals. You can just soak it for 5 minutes and put in the pressure cooker for cooking. This dal can be used to make Khichdi, Halwa and Moonglet, which is a nutritious breakfast option for vegetarians.

Nutrition facts

In just 1 cup of whole green moong dal, there are 236 calories that include 16 gms of protein and 16 gms of fibre. On the other hand, a cup of yellow moong dal has about 147 calories in it with 25 gms of protein and 12 gms of fibre present in it.

Tip: Soak the green moong dal for 15-20 minutes dal while cooking. This will help in better absorption of nutrients.

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